Paintball: A Thrilling Game

Paintball is an exciting sport that can be played indoors or outdoors at any time of the year. It’s a great team building activity, and it promotes unity, working together, and physical fitness.

Paintball Games

Paintball player posing for camera

One of the most popular games is Capture the Flag, where teams have to capture the flags of opposing groups and return them to their own bases, all the while defending their own flags.

Center Flag is played when one flag is placed in the middle of the playing area and the object is to either get it to the other team’s base or your own base.

Bomb is an exciting game when each team has a “bomb” (a small box) and they have to get it to the other side’s base, getting through their defences to do so.

Other games include Predators vs. Prey, when two teams hunt each other down, Assassins, where individuals hunt each other, and Civil War, which involves the face-to-face lining up of teams. There are many versions of paintball games, your imagination is the only limitation.

The Rules of Paintball

Safety is the most important factor in paintball. Always:

  • Wear masks at all times.
  • Check what you’re firing at.
  • Offer a surrender to a player within 20 feet of you.
  • Keep velocities under 300 feet per second.
  • Use barrel plugs when play has stopped.